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Contact: LouAnn  Gosselin

University of Windsor / FCA Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre

Steering Column and Component Test Lab

  • The Steering Column and Component Test Lab was first established in 1997 and further expanded in calendar year 2000 to its current space of 558 square metres. 
  • The Steering Laboratory provides services such as test procedure development, and functional and durability evaluations utilizing customized test equipment. Testing is primarily focused on steering system during static as well as dynamic and durability assessments, but other components such as sway-bar and sway-bar links, carpet wear, body hardware, door panels, seat belts and steering wheels are tested as well. 
  • Equipment within the Laboratory includes over thirty durability testing stations, numerous functional measurement devices, torsional hydraulic vibration rigs, environmental chambers, electro-dynamic shakers, tensile machine, door slam machines, and a seat belt measurement machine. This equipment allows for vibration, oscillation, ultimate strength, environmental, durability/reliability and functional testing.



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