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European Debut of the Jeep® Cherokee – All-new from the Ground Up

  • Industry exclusive Sky Slider™ full-open canvas roof
  • All-new full-time four-wheel-drive system
  • Exclusive Luxury Leather Package
  • All-new rugged, classic Jeep® exterior design
September 3, 2007,  Auburn Hills, Mich. - Shown for the first time in Europe on September 11 at the 2007 International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the all-new Jeep® Cherokee remains true to its legendary 4x4 heritage while offering customers more on-road refinement and amenities. The new Cherokee (called Liberty in North America) takes on the Jeep rugged exterior design, and it now comes standard with the all-new Selec-Trac® II full-time four-wheel-drive system. Cherokee also now offers an available Luxury Leather Package.

“The all-new Jeep Cherokee delivers a powerful punch in the mid-size SUV market with a new four-wheel-drive system, an exclusive Sky Slider™ full-open canvas roof, a more rugged, classic Jeep look and an all-new interior,” said Thomas Hausch, Vice President – International Sales, Chrysler. “A real focal point for us is the interior, where we added premium amenities such as an available Luxury Leather Package, MyGIG™ Multimedia Infotainment System with and without navigation, rain-sensing wipers and memory seats.”

Inside, the all-new Jeep Cherokee will be available with its most upscale interior ever. The Luxury Leather Package upgrades the already supple leather seats to solid, single-colour leather coverings featuring French seam stitching. The passenger grab handle, console storage cover and front-door trim panels also receive the same leather treatment, complete with the French seam stitching. The emergency brake handle and transmission shifter receive exclusive leather treatment, brushed stainless-steel door-sill plates welcome passengers, and the floor carpet is augmented with premium floor mats. This package is exclusive for Jeep Cherokee models sold outside North America.

In addition to all-new interior design, the amenities, innovations and cargo and storage space continue to improve. An exclusive, all-new feature is the Sky Slider full-open canvas roof, giving the Jeep Cherokee that “Only in a Jeep” open-air experience. Rain-sensing wipers, express-up/down windows, and memory seats, radio and mirrors are added to the vehicle’s ever-growing list of available features and options.

There are two models – Jeep Cherokee Sport and Jeep Cherokee Limited. The all-new Cherokee will begin to be available in markets outside North America in the first quarter of 2008.

Classic Jeep Design
The exterior design of the all-new Jeep Cherokee takes its cues directly from the Jeep brand’s legendary 65-plus years of heritage. Familiar design characteristics, such as the clamshell bonnet, seven-slot grille, trapezoidal wheel openings and rugged stance, provide the vehicle with its classic Jeep style.

Standard on both Jeep Cherokee Sport and Limited is the signature seven-slot grille. A front-end module that spans across the vehicle houses the grille and headlamp system in a single unit. The structure is designed to meet pedestrian impact and other crash standards for all markets. Front lamp modules contain the halogen headlamps and standard fog lamps. The front fascia is body colour on all vehicles.

At the side of the vehicle, deep body sections and a high beltline produce a tough, strong and capable appearance. A wheels-to-the-corner stance and dramatic trapezoidal-shaped fender flares enhance the vehicle’s side profile. Fender flares are now painted body colour on both the Jeep Cherokee Sport and Limited models. Dark Slate mould-in-colour bodyside mouldings accent the Sport model, and bright chrome side mouldings are on the Limited model. The Cherokee nameplate is distinctly stamped into the side mouldings. A mould-in-colour side vent featuring seven slots is placed at the side of the vehicle’s elongated hood where it meets the fender, door and A-pillar. The spare tyre is now placed underneath the vehicle, allowing for increased interior space.

Industry-exclusive Sky Slider Full-open Canvas Roof
The all-new Jeep Cherokee brings the “Only in a Jeep” open-air experience with the industry-exclusive Sky Slider full-length open canvas roof. The Sky Slider roof can be moved to several positions, including full forward, full rear or partially open to any position in-between with a convenient express one-touch switch.

The Sky Slider roof is made of a reinforced acrylic cloth, similar to a convertible top, which is weather-resistant and leak-proof. The top panel nests into a weather strip seal to help minimise wind noise. The roof utilises anti-pinch software that will prevent the roof from moving should it detect an object in its path. The Sky Slider roof is an optional feature on both the Jeep Cherokee Sport and Limited.

Functional Interior Space with More Available Amenities
The interior of the all-new Jeep Cherokee delivers simple, functional styling and provides customers with ample storage and organisational space.

Available fold-flat front passenger and standard 60/40 split fold-flat, reclining rear seats are perfect for loading, hauling and tailgating. The front and rear seats – monotone on Jeep Cherokee Sport and two-tone on Limited – feature wide inserts and heavy bolstering designed to cradle occupants for a secure feeling. The seats have tall, square shoulders, and the bottom cushion has been lengthened for better thigh support. The Sport model comes standard with cloth seats. Leather, heated seats for the front occupants are optional on the Limited model. A fold-flat front passenger seat is also now available.

Jeep Cherokee Limited also features YES Essentials seat fabric as standard. This advanced fabric repels stains, controls odours and reduces static electricity. The new fabric can withstand endless cleanings and without changing the texture, appearance or comfort of the seats or surfaces during ownership of the vehicle.

A four-spoke steering wheel provides the all-new Jeep Cherokee with a generous tactile heft and feel. Standard on Limited models is a leather-wrapped steering wheel with wheel-mounted Electronic Vehicle Information Centre (EVIC) on the face and audio controls conveniently located on the rear of the wheel. A tilt steering column is now standard on all models.

A new two-tone instrument panel treatment gives the vehicle a feeling of spaciousness. The Jeep Cherokee features a four-gauge instrument cluster with clear white on black graphics with orange pointers and available integrated vehicle information centre.

The centre stack – black on Jeep Cherokee Sport models and satin silver on Limited models – neatly houses the climate controls, vents, radio and switch bank. For the first time, Cherokee will now be available with the MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment System: MyGIG navigation system with real-time traffic data update, 20-gigabyte hard drive, AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD with eight audio premium speakers and subwoofer. Standard on both Cherokee models is an all-new automatic temperature control system with cabin air filtration.

Also at the centre stack is an open bin with a rubber mat, perfect for placing mobile phones, hand-held PDAs or coins. A small enclosed storage compartment left of the steering wheel provides an additional source of storage for the driver.

The centre console storage bin, in addition to holding CDs and DVDs, also features an additional top-mounted tray. There are bins on the driver- and passenger-side doors, and a map pocket behind the driver’s seat.

Cargo and Utility
There are several storage and convenience features designed into Jeep Cherokee’s spacious rear cargo area.

Both left and right trim panels have cargo tie-down loops for securing items to the load floor. The left trim panel houses a concealed compartment for jack storage and tools.

The load floor system has a reversible carpeted surface. Dual latches on either side release for access to a four-inch-deep (10cm) waterproof storage bin beneath the lid – perfect for muddy boots or flats of flowers.

Proven 3.7-litre V-6 Engine
The 3.7-litre SOHC V-6 petrol engine provides the Jeep Cherokee with competitive peak power and torque while providing smooth, quiet operation and proven durability. It produces 151 kW (205 hp DIN) at 5,200 rpm and 314 Nm (232 lb.-ft.) of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Refinements in the valve train and combustion chamber, working together as a system, enhance low-speed torque while providing a smooth idle and minimal engine noise. A sophisticated Electronic Throttle Control system helps to improve drivability and acceleration feel. The exhaust gas recirculation valve helps to increase the engine’s fuel economy.

The Jeep Cherokee will also be available with a 2.8-litre DOHC 16-valve common-rail turbo diesel engine. With its Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and rapid throttle response, this engine enables the Cherokee to claim best-in-class torque of 460 Nm (339 lb.-ft.) at 2,000 rpm, towing capacity of up to 2,800kg (6,173 lbs.) and a driving range of 725 kilometres (450 miles). Maximum power is 130 kW (177 hp DIN) at 3,800 rpm.

The 2.8-litre CRD engine also provides a weight savings of approximately 6 per cent, increased cam belt life (durability now of 140,000 kilometres / 87,000 miles), Piezo fuel injectors to improve fuel system speed and control, and fuel economy that is equivalent to the previous engine despite the power and torque increases.

A forged steel crankshaft now features eight counterweights compared to the prior crankshaft, which had four. A structural oil pan assists in reducing noise, vibration and harshness on the new engine.

The VGT now has an electronically controlled actuator as opposed to a pneumatic actuator on the previous engine. This provides improved cold launch performance, and it also allows the turbocharger to spool up faster from idle, minimising turbo lag and providing good low-end and high-end torque.

All-new Full-time Four-wheel-drive System
Standard for the first time is the all-new Selec-Trac II full-time four-wheel-drive system. The Selec-Trac II four-wheel-drive system is a full-time, active on-demand system that anticipates and prevents wheel slip before it occurs. It is ideal for a wide range of road settings, including dry pavement conditions not typically suited for conventional part-time four-wheel-drive systems.

This premium system offers a 4WD Auto mode that is just right for full-time driving. When driving in 4WD Auto mode, the system uses vehicle sensors to adjust and redirect torque between the front and rear axles based upon real-time driving conditions, providing the vehicle with responsive tractive performance.

For added capability when traversing steep grades, rough terrain or extremely poor traction surfaces, the transfer case includes a 4WD Low mode. This second speed gear multiplies engine torque 2.72 times and locks the clutch pack for maximum traction.

Electric shifting between 4WD Auto and 4WD Low is accomplished with a console-mounted switch. A pushpin button is used to shift to Neutral mode. Selec-Trac II is standard on both Jeep Cherokee models.

All-new Suspension and Steering Systems
An all-new independent front suspension, all-new five-link rear suspension and a power rack-and-pinion steering system contribute to the all-new Jeep Cherokee’s blend of on-road ride comfort and nimble, confidence-inspiring handling.

The independent short and long-arm coil spring front suspension provides drivers with an optimum combination of ride, handling and a steering feel that is unattainable with typical strut-type suspensions. A link-type stabiliser bar helps control body lean in cornering and lane-change manoeuvres. Ample wheel travel and tuned jounce bumpers help maintain the vehicle’s consistent ride quality. A low-arm design mounts the upper control arm on the longitudinal rail of the front body structure for optimum stiffness to minimise noise, vibration and harshness.

A new five-link rear suspension, including upper and lower trailing links and a track bar, provides greater lateral stiffness, making the vehicle feel more responsive. The solid axle delivers uniform handling and stability when the vehicle is loaded or towing a trailer.

To help create a premium on-road driving experience and confident road feel, Jeep Cherokee engineers focussed on the vehicle’s steering. The power rack-and-pinion steering imparts a precise feel and provides a turning circle similar to vehicles with a shorter wheelbase.

Manual and Automatic Transmissions
There are three transmissions offered on the Jeep Cherokee – a six-speed manual, five-speed automatic and four-speed automatic transmission – depending on the engine choice.

The six-speed manual transmission is standard on all Jeep Cherokee models. It provides optimal shift quality, quiet operation and high quality. Short throws are accompanied by low shift efforts through the use of multiple-cone synchronisers on first through fourth gears, triple cones on first and second gear, and double cones on third and fourth. The 3-4 synchroniser mounts with the cluster gear on the countershaft to minimise shift effort by lowering inertia. State-of-the-art synchroniser materials ensure a constant coefficient of friction throughout the service life with high-wear resistance. For precise shifting, a multi-rail shift system is used. Hard-finished gears allow for quiet operation. The two-piece aluminium case with integrated clutch housing contributes to powertrain stiffness and light weight.

The four-speed automatic transmission is available with the 3.7-litre V-6 petrol engine. The transmission incorporates a variable hydraulic line pressure feature to increase fuel economy.

Optional for the 2.8-litre CRD engine is the 545RFE five-speed automatic transmission. It is shared with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and improvements include more quiet operation.

Jeep-engineered Hill Descent Control
The same Jeep-engineered Hill Descent Control system introduced on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is also standard equipment on the all-new Cherokee. The system was designed to mimic the downhill control and flexibility afforded by the ultra-low gearing found in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with its 4:1 ratio transfer case and six-speed manual transmission. This gearing provides for six speeds of controlled hill descent.

Operational in the 4WD Low position, Hill Descent Control provides downhill assistance at a controlled rate of speed with more precision and smoother operation than simply using the brakes. By means of electronic brake control, Hill Descent Control supplements the gear reduction and engine braking that a traditional mechanical low-range transfer case provides. Unlike most of its competitors, the new Jeep Cherokee with Hill Descent Control offers extremely smooth transitions between speeds and allows the driver to use the throttle and brakes without turning the system off, with a smooth and controlled return to the preset speed after the driver releases the throttle or brakes.

Hill Descent Control was engineered to provide the smoothest transitions possible, even from a complete stop on extremely steep and slippery surfaces.

Hill Descent Control is standard on all Jeep Cherokee models with automatic transmissions.

Hill Start Assist
A Hill Start Assist system is new for Jeep Cherokee. It provides the driver time to transition from brake to throttle to achieve a smooth launch on a grade. The system will hold brake pressure for two seconds upon the driver’s release of the brake pedal. The Hill Start Assist system decreases wheel pressure in response to increasing throttle to provide a smooth launch. This system is extremely helpful when driving in urban as well as off-road areas with steep hills.

Hill Start Assist is standard on all Jeep Cherokee models.

Jeep Cherokee Safety and Security Equipment
Jeep Cherokee continues to build on its already long list of Safety and Security technologies:

  • Advanced multi-stage air bags
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Rough Road Detection
  • All-speed Traction Control
  • Auto-reverse sun roof/Sky Slider
  • Auto-reverse driver window
  • BeltAlert
  • Brake Assist
  • Brake/Park interlock
  • Child seat anchor system (ISOFIX)
  • Child-protection rear door locks
  • Crumple zones
  • Digressive load-limiting retractors
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS)
  • Height-adjustable front seat belts
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Interior head-impact protection
  • Knee bolsters
  • Low-risk deployment front passenger air bag
  • ParkSense® Rear Back-up System
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Safety cage body structure
  • Seat belt pretensioners (both front seat belts)
  • Sentry Key® Engine Immobiliser
  • Side guard door beams
  • Side Occupant Protection System
  • Supplemental side curtain air bags
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPM)
  • UConnect® Hands-free Communication System
  • Vehicle theft security alarm  

Jeep Brand
The heroic heritage of the Jeep brand and its dominance of the SUV market stretch back more than 65 years, and still today, Jeep continues to deliver on its promise to provide versatile, innovative four-wheel-drive vehicles. The Jeep brand is known worldwide for its core values of mastery, authenticity, freedom and adventure.

Jeep brand vehicle sales outside North America in 2007 have increased 13 per cent to 54,068 units, compared with sales in 2006 (through July). Two of the top-five best-selling Chrysler vehicles outside North America are Jeep models: the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a close second, and the Jeep Cherokee is number five.



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