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Chrysler Group LLC Reports December 2009 Sales Outside North America

January 5, 2010,  Auburn Hills, Mich. -

Chrysler Group LLC sold 12,788 vehicles outside North America in December, an increase of 11 percent compared to the prior month.

Despite continuing challenging economic conditions, several of Chrysler Group’s largest markets posted significant year-over-year increases. December vehicle sales increased 92 percent in the United Kingdom, 75 percent in China, 56 percent in Australia, 26 percent in Chile and 5 percent in Spain; when compared with the same month in 2008.

Fourth quarter results, totaling 37,061 units sold, also demonstrated signs of recovery in markets outside North America. The company sold 35,282 vehicles in the first quarter, 34,547 vehicles in the second quarter and 33,812 vehicles in the third quarter.

The Dodge Journey led the company with 15,908 vehicles sold outside North America in 2009, an 89 percent increase compared to the previous year.

For the 2009 calendar year, Chrysler Group sold 140,786 vehicles outside North America, a decrease of 34 percent compared to 2008.

Regional Sales

In the Asia Pacific region, the company sold 3,898 vehicles in December. China led the region with 2,494 sales in December.

For the year, the Chrysler Group sold 33,905 vehicles in the Asia Pacific region. China sold 19,223 vehicles last year and was the sales leader for the region and the company outside North America.

In Western and Central Europe, the company sold 3,675 vehicles in December. The United Kingdom led the region with 695 vehicles sold last month.

For the year, the company sold 48,883 vehicles in Western and Central Europe. Italy led the region in annual sales with 8,759 vehicles sold.

In Latin America, the company sold 3,086 vehicles in December. Venezuela led the legion with 1,043 vehicle sales in December.

For the year, the company sold 34,541 vehicles in Latin America. Venezuela led the region with 13,167 vehicles sold last year.

Combined sales in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia totaled 2,062 vehicles in December. In 2009, the company sold 22,865 vehicles in the region.

Brand Sales

The Jeep® brand sold 5,903 vehicles in December. For the year, the Jeep brand sold 60,875 vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler led the brand in December with 1,515 vehicle sales. For the year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee led the brand with 14,869 vehicle sales.

The Dodge brand sold 4,323 vehicles in December. Last year’s Dodge brand sales totaled 47,267 units. The Dodge Journey led the brand in December with 1,850 vehicles sold.

The Chrysler brand sold 2,247 vehicles in December and reached 28,763 vehicle sales last year. The Chrysler minivan led the brand with 706 vehicles for the month and 7,966 vehicles for the year.

The Ram brand sold 315 vehicles in December. For the year, the Ram brand sold 3,881 vehicles. Ram vehicles are sold in select markets outside North America.

Chrysler Group sells and services vehicles in more than 120 countries around the world.

About Chrysler Group LLC

Chrysler Group LLC, formed in 2009 from a global strategic alliance with Fiat Group, produces Chrysler, Jeep ® , Ram, Dodge, Mopar® and Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) brand vehicles and products. With the resources, technology and worldwide distribution network required to compete on a global scale, the alliance builds on Chrysler’s culture of innovation – first established by Walter P. Chrysler in 1925 – and Fiat’s complementary technology – from a company whose heritage dates back to 1899.

Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich., Chrysler Group LLC’s product lineup features some of the world's most recognizable vehicles, including the Chrysler 300, Jeep Wrangler and Ram. Fiat will contribute world-class technology, platforms and powertrains for small- and medium-sized cars, allowing Chrysler Group to offer an expanded product line including environmentally friendly vehicles.



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