Scott Thiele was named Head of Portfolio Planning, FCA - North America and Head of Global Long Range Plan Coordination in March 2020. In this position, Thiele is responsible for North American product portfolio, analyzing the competitive environment, and providing market and consumer insights to guide future planning of North American products. In this expanded position, he also holds responsibility for coordinating the company's global long range product plan.

Previously, Thiele served as Head of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, FCA - North America since January 2019. He also was Chief Purchasing Officer and a member of the Group Executive Council (GEC) for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) since May 2016. Thiele is also the executive sponsor of the Middle Eastern Employees Together Business Resource Group (BRG). FCA supports 11 employee-driven BRGs dedicated to pursuing projects that enhance the FCA work culture, focusing on networking and mentoring, celebrating multicultural differences and engaging external communities through volunteer and charitable activities.

Prior to those roles, Thiele was responsible for all vehicle and powertrain capital expenditures on a global basis, a role he assumed in July 2014. In 2012, he led the development of a global finance platform strategy to identify areas where the Company could improve its standardization efforts.
Thiele joined the Company in 2007 where he was the lead purchasing executive for raw materials and stamping. Since then, he has held a series of leadership positions in the Finance and Purchasing organizations.
Before joining the Company, Thiele was a global procurement leader at Whirlpool Corporation where he oversaw the development of global commodity strategies. In addition, he held a number of positions with increasing responsibility in purchasing and engineering.
His work and academic background also include:
  • March 2020 - current, Head of Portfolio Planning, FCA - North America
  • March 2020 - current, Global Long Range Plan Coordination
  • January 2019, Head of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, FCA - North America
  • January 2019, Head of Supply Chain, FCA - North America
  • 2016, Chief Purchasing Officer
  • 2016, Chief Purchasing Officer, GEC, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA)
  • 2014, Vice President – Global Product Finance, FCA US LLC
  • 2013, Director – Product, Vehicle and Powertrain Platform, CAPEX and Engineering Finance
  • 2013, Director – Product Planning, Vehicle and Powertrain Platform Finance
  • 2012, Director – Product Cost & Standardization
  • 2009, Director – Head of Metallic Commodity Purchasing
  • 2007, Director – Raw Materials & Stampings Procurement, Chrysler LLC
  • 2005, General Manager – Global Raw Materials, Whirlpool USA
  • 2004, Director – Global Technology
  • 2001, Director – Commodity Management
  • 2000, Manager – Supply Base Management
  • 1999, Global Commodity Analyst – Steel and Metals
  • 1997, Senior Buyer – Steel, Finishes, Stampings

Thiele holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame (1991). He also holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan (1993) and a Master of Business Management degree from Ashland University (1996).
He was born in Ann Arbor, Mich.