Press Kit: Chrysler Canada 2013 Dodge Dart

Chrysler Canada: All-new 2013 Dodge Dart has been infused with Performance-Inspired Dodge Styling to Create a Clean, Aero-dramatic Compact Car

  • The all-new 2013 Dodge Dart boasts a performance-inspired exterior design, adding excitement to this ground-breaking new compact sedan
  • The Dart sports an athletic, sculpted, fluid and aesthetically agile appearance that enables world-class aerodynamic performance
Windsor, Ontario April 27, 2012 - The all-new 2013 Dodge Dart is a compact sedan that blends exceptional proportions, aero-dramatic surfacing, world-class craftsmanship, modern technology and an upscale feel in a package that is undeniably Dodge.

The eye-catching exterior proportions of the 2013 Dodge Dart are set off from every angle by dynamic lines and curves, with design cues tightly stretched over the all-new compact sedan platform.

“Our designers’ main objective was to create a harmonious surface language that incorporates many of the characteristics of the Dodge brand itself,” said Joe Dehner, Head of Dodge Exterior Design — Chrysler Group LLC. “Words like sinuous, alive, aero-dramatic and even sexy come to mind when describing the exterior design of the Dart.”

From the very first Dart sketch, the designers strived to achieve design nirvana while pushing and pulling on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based Compact U.S. Wide (CUS-wide) platform. Their effort results in a car that breaks the mould in the compact sedan segment with an athletic, fluid design. The all-new Dodge Dart, versus other compact sedan offerings in the marketplace, delivers:
  • Longest wheelbase 2703 mm (106.4 inch)
  • Widest front track 1568 mm (61.7 inch)
  • Longest overall length 4672 mm (183.9 inch)
  • Greatest width 1830 mm (72 inch)
  • Unsurpassed wheel diameters 457 mm (18 inch)
Together, these elements create a clean, dramatic silhouette that is aero-friendly and has a stable stance.

Must-have elements advance Dodge design
To create the Dodge Dart’s great-looking exterior, Dodge designers integrated modern technology and new paints and finishes to advance Dodge design.

The first must have was the vertical Dodge nose, which communicates a confident attitude. Charger, Challenger and Durango all have it, and now the Dart does as well, creating a consistent, recognizable trait for the Dodge family of vehicles.

The second must have was the Dart’s technology-driven lighting graphics. Headlamps and taillamps were designed around projector lamps and light-emitting diodes (LED) for compressed, sleeker and wider looking graphic shapes.

Premium finishes were third. On the 2013 Dodge Dart, chrome is used with restraint and only where appropriate, such as on the Limited model. Glossy Piano Black paint-in-mould finishes, versus matte or mould-in-colour (MIC) Black, is used on all models but is most predominant on the Rallye and R/T models. Dodge’s own “Hyper Black” finish is exclusive to performance models, such as the R/T and on the Rallye and R/T wheels.

Performance-inspired exterior design from front to rear
The front of the Dart is very fluid looking. A mask-like applique stretches between the headlamps and comes in two different finishes, body-colour or glossy Piano Black to match the specific model. The mask showcases the Dart’s dual personalities as a car that will appeal to those who want a vehicle that exudes a stylish, contemporary look or one that offers a more high-performance image. In addition, this monographic design cue harmonizes the various design elements on the face of Dart while accentuating its enhanced track and width.

The bi-function projector headlamps come in two different appearances on the 2013 Dodge Dart. A Hyper Black finish is standard on Rallye and R/T models; chrome is standard on the SE, SXT and Limited models. The use of an upper fascia piece, which eliminates the traditional headlamp over slam gap, results in tight 360 degree gaps around the lamp on the Dart.

A new grille debuts on the 2013 Dodge Dart, which is a subtle evolution of the split crosshair theme introduced in 2011. On the Dart, the grille is much more compressed and much wider than it is tall and it is styled to appear as if it is thrusting through the mask-like fascia applique. The grille comes in four different finishes depending on the model:
  • Body-colour crosshair with body-colour grille surround (SE, SXT)
  • Body-colour crosshair with black grille surround (Rallye)
  • Chrome crosshair with body-colour grille surround (Limited)
  • Hyper Black with black grille surround (R/T)
The raised chrome Dodge badge is new and incorporates the red, twin stripe logo.

The lower part of the Dodge Dart fascia features available projector fog lamps, located within glossy Piano Black inserts accented with Satin Chrome spear-like trim pieces.

In plain view, the hood of the 2013 Dodge Dart is very round with literally no corners on it. A “W” shaped cross-car section adds drama to the hood surface and helps fuse the fender tops into the base of the A-pillars. Subtle character lines near the centre line visually add a wedge shape in the side view.

From the side view, the profile of the all-new Dodge Dart is equally as visually appealing. Thanks to the increase in track, designers were able to create subtle wheel bulges on all four wheels that artfully blend back into the CUS-wide platform’s sills and body-side surface planes.

Seven wheel and tire combinations are available, from 16-inch wheel covers to 18-inch cast-aluminum wheels, depending on the model.

The Dodge Dart adds visual length to the profile with a sprung A line, while providing gesture and life to the clean body side design. Door handles are streamlined in appearance and available in three different finishes depending on the model: black, body colour or chrome.

The Daylight Opening (DLO) for the new Dodge Dart includes a rear quarter window that helps reduce blind spots and increase outward visibility for both drivers and passengers. The DLO features a glossy Piano Black finish on all models.

The Dart’s roof design includes a laser-braised roof ditch, which is extremely rare in the segment. The laser braising eliminates the need for traditional roof ditch mouldings resulting in a cleaner appearance and better aerodynamics.

The Dart also carries some of the design lineage from its fellow Dodge stable mates, such as the C-pillar mini “flying buttress,” which is inspired by the Dodge Charger.

The family resemblance to the Dodge Charger doesn’t end there. From the rear, the Dart’s striking rear taillamps are a strong nod to its big brother, the Charger. The Dart’s segment-exclusive Charger-inspired full-width taillamp design accentuates the additional track and width of the Dart. The taillamps and decklid applique feature 152 indirectly glowing LEDs through an internal lens that creates a fractal glass appearance when lit. The outer lens design is moulded in clear red and glossy Piano Black. The lit taillamps will be available on most Dart models. Similar to the front of the Dart, the rear is very round with virtually no corners on it. The design of the rear decklid is completed with an individual, raised chrome “DODGE” badge within the “racetrack” applique.

A two-piece rear fascia with a mould-in-colour (MIC) Black lower diffuser panel further enhances the Dart’s aerodynamic performance.

The all-new 2013 Dodge Dart features segment-exclusive 76mm (3-inch) fascia-mounted twin elliptical bright exhaust tips artfully integrated into the diffuser panel on Rallye and R/T models or when equipped with the 1.4-litre MultiAir Turbo engine.

Athletic, sculpted, fluid and aesthetically agile appearance enables world-class aerodynamic performance
The Dodge Dart was designed for world-class aerodynamic performance. Air flows smoothly around, above and below the car without compromising styling or engine cooling requirements. The grille grates were optimized to minimize air “swoosh,” and the shape of the mirrors were refined for both aerodynamic and sound performance during hundreds of hours of wind tunnel analysis.

The all-new Dodge Dart is the first Dodge vehicle to use an active grille shutter system. The Dart also features a lower radiator closeout panel positioned below the front fascia, which both contributes to the car’s lower front-end appearance, and reduces drag while allowing for an 203mm (8-inch) curb clearance.

Door uppers were designed and engineered so nothing sticks out or obstructs air flow around the vehicle, which can be a common source of wind noise. Tire spats located forward of the front and rear tires function as mini-air dams and were optimized for shape and ground clearance, adding to the underbody efficiency in conjunction with the underbody belly panels.

Twelve exterior colours from which to choose
Customers can choose from 12 exterior colours for the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart: Redline Pearl Coat, Header Orange Pearl Coat, Blue Streak Pearl Coat, True Blue Pearl Coat, Winter Chill Pearl Coat, Laguna Blue Clear Coat, Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat, Tungsten Metallic Clear Coat, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Citrus Peel Pearl Coat, Pitch Black Clear Coat and Bright White Clear Coat.