Press Kit: 2014 Ram ProMaster

Ram ProMaster Van Designed for Function and Comfort

  • New Ram ProMaster combines functionality and versatility with modern styling and professional appeal
  • Ram Truck designers worked closely with Fiat Commercial counterparts to create new Ram ProMaster for North America
  • Focusing on commercial use, the new Ram ProMaster van delivers best-in-class step in height and standard interior headroom and width between wheel wells, allowing operators to easily move about the cargo area
Auburn Hills, Mich. September 7, 2013 - The new 2014 Ram ProMaster features a unique Ram appearance with new interior and exterior design aesthetics, segment-leading technology and a variety of package options to accommodate any job. Ram’s newest commercial entry is an example of intense cooperation between Ram Truck and Fiat Professional. The Ram Truck design team started with a functional exterior and interior, adding distinct Ram styling while adapting the new full-size van for North America.

The front of the new ProMaster is identified by visually durable bodylines, a broad wraparound bumper and twin-reflector headlamp clusters. True to the Ram Truck brand, the ProMaster leads with a bold, hexagon-shaped crosshair grille, featuring the Ram’s head logo proudly displayed as the focal point of the crosshair. The sculptured crosshair borrows from the new 2013 Ram 1500 with the horizontal bar being sub-dominant to the vertical strut. All badges – prominent in the grille, side doors and rear door – is distinctive, large, chrome-finished and three-dimensional with unique fonts.

The well-chosen bodylines give the Ram ProMaster a strong, modern and professional representation while ensuring it is still a recognizable product from Ram Truck. The cab-forward, short dash to front axle design pushes the nose inward and the headlamps upward. This design provides higher passenger seating positions and better visibility – obviously important for commercial users – thanks to a more confident vantage point from which to operate the vehicle.

The front bumper is a three-piece styled modular design, resulting in reduced repair costs and downtime. Durable front-wheel arches are styled with the bumper to protect the doors. A unique step is designed into both front bumper corners, making it easy to clean the windscreen from either side. ProMaster’s headlight configuration sits up high on the front of the van, away from potential damage. The grille under the solar-laminated windshield is designed to connect windscreen and hood, yet also creates an effective barrier against water seepage.

The exterior handles are very easy to grip and can be operated easily with either hand or with gloves. Stylish strips on the side and rear protect the body from minor bumps as operators are not always in the best parking situations and segment-exclusive, standard marker lights are visual aids.

Although the new Ram ProMaster is predominately purchased for commercial use, designers created a unique wheel selection for different applications. Three different 16-inch variations exist in aluminum or steel, giving owners a choice in overall appearance.

The new full-size van features plenty of real estate on all four sides. This space allows for businesses to post signage and graphics, making the van a rolling billboard to help promote the owners, business or team.

The Ram Promaster may be loaded and unloaded multiple times a day, so its impressive payload, cargo capacity, step-in height and interior heights are must have features. The Ram ProMaster features best-in-class step-in height of 21 inches and includes a rear access step made of non-slip material for wet or icy conditions.

The front doors are large but lightweight, allowing easy entry/egress for a variety of users, short or tall. Power side-view mirrors are oversized giving operators clear vision around the ProMaster van and include adjustable wide-angle sections. The rear clamshell doors lock open up to 260 degrees and reach nearly the height of the van. The large tail-light clusters feature vents allowing air to escape when closing the load compartment doors. A sliding right-side door is standard on the Ram ProMaster and a sliding left-side door is optional. All doors feature a durable yet lightweight design for ease of use, large handles and enough opening to allow pallet loading from either side or the rear of the van. Window applications also are available in the side sliding doors and rear quarter panels.

The 2014 Ram ProMaster is available in eight exterior colors, reflecting Ram truck availability: Bright White, Flame Red, Black, Bright Silver Metallic, Sand Stone Metallic, Deep Cherry Red Metallic, Granite Crystal Metallic and True Blue Metallic.

The functional and innovative features continue inside the Ram ProMaster. Although much was borrowed from the Fiat version, Ram designers made alterations for U.S. customers. The aim was to achieve an on-board presence that promotes roominess, ergonomics and practicality for increasingly demanding customers. Interior design and function is of primary importance for a light commercial vehicle in which the driver normally spends long hours at the wheel, often under demanding conditions. The cabin of the ProMaster was therefore designed with comfortable driving ergonomics, important because the ProMaster is a place of work. The interior delivers an outstanding quality of in-vehicle life while promoting driver alertness. The predominant interior color is matte black with portions of gloss black. Details are furnished in chrome and silver. To round out the interior an overhead system is light grey to improve on the feeling of spaciousness.

The Ram ProMaster seats feature ergonomic padding and offer a multitude of adjustment options, including heat. Also, the distance between the top of the seat and ceiling benefit even taller drivers, and a telescoping steering column offers further adjustability.

A suspension seat also is available with an adjustment system that modulates based on the driver’s weight. Also optional are swivel seats in the driver and passenger positions for quick, efficient entry/egress including 180-degree inboard swing and 35-degree outboard swing.

Passenger seats come as single units or three-seater benches. Trim options include grey premium cloth with double accent stitching, grey cloth and vinyl with double accent stitching, or grey vinyl. The front bench seat arrangement can comfortably accommodate three people and comes equipped with a console that may be folded down to make a practical table with storage, a paper holder and a compartment to house a portable computer.

A four-spoke steering wheel is made of soft, energy-absorbing foam and features an ergonomic rim. The wheel broadens above the central spokes to offer a particularly firm, comfortable grip and is available with leather wrap and comes standard with telescoping capability. The central spokes can be fitted with optional controls for operating the Uconnect system, handsfree phone and radio without taking the driver’s hands off the wheel. Three-button key fobs for remote vehicle access include a three-button layout for locking all vehicle doors, unlocking all vehicle doors, and unlocking the side sliding and rear cargo doors.

The passenger compartment including new door panels are silenced thanks to acoustic treatments, including a rubberized composite with non-slip tread covering the cab floor. The climate control and interior lighting are effective and visibility is outstanding for a full-size van.

The elliptical main cluster is located under a prominent antiglare dome and allows information to be read easily and immediately under all lighting conditions. Orange back-lighting allows the pupil to focus more quickly when changing from the dark road to the brightly-lit dashboard. From left to right the display features coolant temperature, speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauges. The bottom includes a digital display of the trip computer with clock, odometer or trip counter.

The easy-to-use gear lever is located on the instrument panel to the left of the console. Further down are three cup holders within easy reach. An integrated switch bank incorporates functions such as electronic stability control (ESC) on/off, door lock/unlock. To the right of the switch bank is a 12-volt power outlet as well as a USB charge port.
A host of other storage compartments include five cup/bottle holders and a lockable bin, ideal for fragile items or confidential documents.

Temperature and humidity levels contribute significantly to creating ideal driving conditions. The Ram ProMaster HVAC system maintains parameters within optimum human limits (temperature between 71 and 75 degree F, and humidity between 40 and 50 percent). Heating and air conditioning controls are well within reach for a multitude of users and the controls are oversized for quick blind-adjustment changes, even if the operator is wearing gloves.

An oversized handle on the driver side door panel is easy to use and a redesigned armrest provides padded support for the driver and passengers. A large lower pouch with built-in bottle holder is joined by another storage compartment.

The ProMaster load compartment offers easy access with best-in-class payload capacity and best-in-class cargo capacity. A practical pouch for delivery notes or invoices is located on the right side of the rear door. The new van can also be fitted with an optional power outlet that is integrated into the side-opening rear door for connecting a lamp or other 12-volt device.

Because goods always need to be transported securely, the new Ram ProMaster van is fitted with accommodations to hold down goods on the floor. Up to 12 tie-down rings with 1,000-lb. rating fold away to maintain a flat floor – easing loading and unloading operations. Five sidewall tie-down rings wih 550-lb. rating also are offered. Available partitions also offer passengers excellent protection against the possibility of load shift in the cabin. A best-in-class standard roof height takes stress off the users back when working in the cargo area and contributes to best-in-class standard cargo area. Passenger seating upfits are available from a variety of third-party suppliers.

All ProMaster configurations can be equipped with an array of floor finishes, including a resin-finished wooden load floor, painted floor or rubber mat. Sidewalls are available in painted and lower and/or upper composite finished sidewalls. Additionally, cargo vans have an optional cargo partition with window, segregating the cargo and cab.

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