Dodge Sprinter In-Line Five Cylinder Turbo Diesel

  • Best in class fuel efficiency of 25 mpg overall
  • 243 pound-feet of torque and 154 horsepower
  • Five-cylinder diesel engine with Common-rail Direct Injection (CDI)
May 1, 2005 , Auburhn Hills, Mich. - 

The premium Dodge Sprinter 2.7L in-line five cylinder Common-rail Injection Diesel Engine (CDI) is exactly what customers are demanding in a medium-duty commercial vehicle.  With 154 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 – 2,400 rpm, the state-of-the-art engine all but guarantees very low fuel consumption without sacrificing operating performance in meeting tough, daily applications.  A proven winner, the Mercedes-Benz 2.7L turbo diesel engine has already established itself throughout the world, in handling today’s business delivery and transport needs.

Engine technology features:

  • Sleeveless gray-cast iron cylinder crankcase
  • Coolant passage pistons made from aluminum alloys
  • Forged crankshaft with six bearings
    Valve train with tappets and hydraulic valve lifters
  • State-of-the-art Common-rail Direct Injection system (CDI)
  • Variable geometry turbocharger to improve response characteristics while reducing fuel consumption and emission levels

Setting a new standard, the advanced engine technology is rounded off by a comprehensive electronic engine management system that controls the CDI solenoid valves, idle speed stabilizer, vibration reduction system, exhaust gas recirculation, start control, immobilizer and turbo boost pressure controller.

Built into the turbo unit are variable vanes that allow it to act like a small turbocharger under launch conditions, but have the desirable characteristics of a larger turbocharger at higher engine speeds. The added benefit to customers is the enhanced low-end and high-end torque.

The 2.7L CDI combines longer life, low maintenance costs and better fuel efficiency, giving customers the smooth, clean, quiet performance not typically expected from diesels.

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