Viper-Powered 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 Is Fastest Pickup Truck In The World

August 31, 2005 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - 

Viper-Powered 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 Is Fastest Pickup Truck In The World

  • Ultimate pickup performance combined with either two- or five-passenger seating and towing capability
  • SRT performance: 0-60 mph in mid-5-second range, 0-100-0 mph in mid-22-second range, 60-0 mph in approximately 135 feet

Pickup truck aficionados like bragging rights. Having the best is what makes a pickup stand out from the crowd—whether it’s the most outrageous engine, the boldest styling, or the fastest elapsed time.
What if there were a pickup truck that had all those things together—and more?
There is. And it comes in two versions: The 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 and 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab™. With a new-for-2006 hydroformed, fully boxed frame and new interior and exterior designs, the Dodge Ram SRT10 combines the ultimate in performance with extraordinary convenience and utility.

“We wanted to offer customers not only the boldest, baddest, fastest pickup truck in the world,” said Dan Knott, Director—Street and Racing Technology (SRT), Chrysler Group. “But also the boldest, baddest, fastest pickup truck with two rows of seating and towing capability. We now offer two choices of the most outrageous pickups ever offered.”

Dodge Ram SRT10-Like a Viper
With More Space
One choice is the Dodge Ram SRT10—the best choice for the performance truck enthusiast who prefers a traditional cab and the ability to shift gears manually.

The legendary Dodge Viper engine is the focal point of the drivetrain: an 8.3-liter (505 cu. in.) V-10 engine, unleashing 500 horsepower (372 kW) and 525 lb.-ft. (712 N•m) of torque.

Transferring that power to the pavement begins with a Hurst shifter, fitted to a T-56 six-speed manual transmission. Torque from the Dodge Viper V-10 engine is sent back to a heavy-duty differential outfitted with a 4.56 axle ratio to improve launch feel and low-end acceleration.

The drivetrain combination is one key to making the Dodge Ram SRT10 a winner—literally. On Feb. 2, 2004, an unmodified Dodge Ram SRT10 earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest production pickup truck, with a measured top speed of 154.587 mph (248.783 kph) sustained over a “flying kilometer.”

Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab-Performance for the Whole Family
For the pickup enthusiast who wants Dodge Viper-inspired performance and the ability to “go, stow and tow,” the 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab fits the bill. It offers the ultimate performance for the family-oriented truck enthusiast who desires more interior space and more utility.

The SRT formula is injected into the Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab: Dodge Viper V-10 engine, performance suspension, awesome brakes, race-inspired interior and bold styling. In addition to second-row seats, there are other important distinctions between the Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab and Ram SRT10 regular cab.

One distinction is an automatic transmission—a super-duty four-speed that is specially tweaked
to provide optimum performance with the capability of towing 8,150 pounds. The Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab has several other unique features supporting its towing capability, including a special transmission cooler, heavy-duty torque converter, special front and rear strut and spring assemblies and all-season tires.

A Balanced Approach to Performance
SRT engineers recognize there is much more to creating a truly complete performance package than just straight-line performance.

The Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab™ were engineered for overall performance, beginning with a new-for-2006 fully hydroformed and boxed frame for increased strength and torsional rigidity, and fitted with fully tuned front and rear strut assemblies. Modified steering and independent front suspension carry the load up front, while in the rear, performance-tuned springs and Bilstein monotube shock absorbers keep things firmly planted on the ground and smooth through the corners. The Dodge Ram SRT10 also is equipped with axle snubbers and a rear sway bar.

Both the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab ride on 22-inch Dodge Viper-style custom wheels. Dodge Ram SRT10 regular cab models are shod with 305/40R22 Pirelli Scorpion tires, while Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab models are equipped with Pirelli Scorpion all-season tires.

For the braking aspect of performance, SRT engineers developed a special system for the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab that utlilize heavy-duty Dodge Ram components and unique four-port opposed-piston calipers. A three-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) actuates custom red brake calipers up front that grip 15-inch rotors, and in the rear, modified heavy-duty red calipers grip14-inch rotors. Additionally, front brakes are cooled with air ducted from the front fascia to reduce heat build-up.

Great Looks With Function
Functional performance is also an important part of the SRT DNA in the 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 exterior.

The muscular shape of the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab were developed with the help of wind-tunnel testing and display cues reminiscent of Dodge’s NASCAR Craftsman Truck series entries: a new-for-2006 front fascia equipped with a chin spoiler, signature cross-hair grille and sculpted sides. There’s also a unique hood with functional air intake that provides additional engine bay cooling. Details befitting the Dodge Ram SRT10’s outrageous attitude include “Viper Powered” badges on the hood sides and a specially designed rear fascia with cutout for the massive dual exhaust tips.

A body-color aluminum tonneau cover over the pickup bed, outfitted with a unique spoiler for aerodynamic efficiency, is standard for 2006 on both Dodge Ram SRT10 models. Special gas struts help in raising and lowering the tonneau cover for easy access to the pickup bed, which features a bed tray for protecting bed and cargo.

Body color choices for both the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab for 2006 include Black, Inferno Red and Mineral Gray Metallic.

Interior With Form and Function
The interior for the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab is a blend of comfort and performance-bred utility, starting with the Dodge Viper-like red starter button on the instrument panel, and following through with race-inspired heavily bolstered seats with suede inserts that grip the occupants. Other interior touches include a full console, leather-wrapped carbon fiber-patterned steering wheel, and satin silver and carbon-fiber accents on the instrument panel.

A pair of communication options are also available for 2006 on the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab. One is the UConnect™ hands-free communications system with Bluetooth™ technology. The system recognizes up to seven different Bluetooth-equipped cellular phones and responds to voice commands, utilizing a microphone in the rearview mirror and the stereo system’s speakers for hands-free conversations.

Another option is the DVD-based navigation radio that uses voice commands to guide the user through the drive route, mile by mile, turn by turn, until the destination is reached. An eight-way joystick allows the user to scroll through navigation menus, displayed on a 5.8-inch color display on the dashboard.

An additional option for the Dodge Ram SRT10 Quad Cab is the rear video entertainment system.

The Dodge Ram SRT10 and Ram SRT10 Quad Cab are built at DaimlerChrysler’s Saltillo, Mexico, Assembly Plant. The 8.3-liter V-10 engine is built at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit.

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