Statement: Brake Booster Shield

October 3, 2017 , Auburn Hills, Mich. -  FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 646,394 U.S.-market SUVs to inspect their brake-booster shields for proper installation.
The shields are designed to protect the boosters from water intrusion. Should water get inside and contribute to corrosion, and/or freeze, brake function may be degraded.
FCA US is aware of a single potentially related accident, but no injuries.
A booster compromised by water will still deliver brake function in compliance with U.S. federal safety standards. However, customers may experience excessive brake-pedal firmness.
Additionally, a potential booster issue may be preceded by a warning light, and/or activation of the anti-lock braking system.
Customers who observe any of these conditions should contact their dealers.
The shields were originally installed in conjunction with a 2014 recall involving the same set of vehicles, nearly 95 percent of which have been serviced. A review of warranty data led to an FCA US investigation that discovered shields on some vehicles had been installed improperly.
Affected customers are scheduled to be notified that service for this latest campaign will be available in early November. As always, FCA US urges customers to heed all recall notices.
No action is required for vehicles with properly installed shields. Those found to have boosters with compromised function and/or improperly installed shields, will be serviced accordingly, free of charge.
Affected are model-year 2011-2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. Customers with questions or concerns may call the FCA US Recall Information Center at (800)-853-1403.
Also affected are vehicles in Canada (est. 42,304) and Mexico (est. 21,139).

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