Safety First for Automated Driving

This page enables you to download the "Safety First for Automated Driving" white paper.

An Important Note from FCA US LLC on the "Safety First for Automated Driving" White Paper

Protecting the safety of our customers is a fundamental and unwavering objective at FCA US LLC. We believe that as automakers, suppliers and mobility companies develop automated driving technology, and as development of Level 3 and Level 4 automated vehicle technologies continues to evolve, a clear set of common guidelines that are tested and backed by proven engineering methods will promote this objective. The "Safety First for Automated Driving White Paper" (“Paper”) serves as guidance and a broad framework for the starting point of automated driving technology development with a focus on safety. It contains a summary of widely-known safety by design and verification and validation methods of Level 3 and Level 4 automated driving as defined by the SAE.

As the Paper provides, however, it does not establish a minimum or maximum standard for any facet of automated driving technology design or performance. Nor is it a final statement or standard for autonomous vehicle technology development or automated driving. As such, the Paper does not reflect FCA US’ design specifications or protocols for a specific system that is or could be introduced into the market. FCA US’ actual automated vehicle technology design specifications or protocols may vary from the Paper’s content. Each company that contributed to the Paper specifically reserves its right to determine and employ standards or processes best suited to its specific needs in the development of automated driving technology.

FCA US’ driver assistance technologies are intended to provide convenience and support to the driver under certain circumstances, but always require various levels of driver attention and involvement. No set of automated technologies can make a vehicle “accident free” or “collision-free” as these phrases are commonly understood. Instead, automated vehicle and advanced driver assist technologies should be designed to protect against unreasonable risk of accidents, and against unreasonable risk of death or injury.

FCA US also believes that users of automated vehicles and advanced driver assist technologies have their own responsibilities, including recognizing that these systems are not a substitute for safe driving practices, and are not designed to correct inattentive or careless driving. Users have ultimate responsibility to follow traffic laws, stay alert, avoid distractions, drive safely, and always be prepared to take corrective action.

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