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Uconnect 5: Connected Services Fact Sheet

Wagoneer by Jeep®, Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Alfa Connect
Owners enrolled in their connected services trials are taking the first step toward saving time with real-time navigation and assistance features, simplified vehicle health and maintenance, and enjoying peace of mind knowing emergency services are easily accessible and there when needed most.

The Safety & Security Package is now available for the first 10 years of vehicle ownership on all 2024 model-year Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Wagoneer, Maserati and Alfa connected vehicles sold in North America and Canada. Owners will get help when needed the most with the following connected services:
  • SOS Call: Getting help in the event of a collision or other emergency is as easy as pushing the SOS button. Vehicle occupants can connect to a customer care agent who can send assistance to the vehicle’s location
  • Automatic SOS Call: If the vehicle detects the airbag has deployed, it will automatically place an SOS Call and connect to a customer care agent
  • Assist Call: Push the Assist button to speak with a customer care agent or summon Roadside Assistance
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: A customer care agent can help police locate a stolen vehicle by using embedded GPS technology once a police report is filed
  • Theft-alarm Alert: Receive text, email or push notifications right away if the vehicle’s theft alarm is triggered for any reason
  • Recall Alert: A notification will be sent directly to the vehicle brand mobile app if a recall alert is issued for the vehicle. Viewing details and even scheduling service can be done at the touch of a button
  • Remotely Clear Personal Settings: Use the vehicle brand mobile app to easily and conveniently clear personal data from the vehicle. This includes radio presets, as well as recent or saved navigation destinations
The Performance Package is provided for the first five years of vehicle ownership. Designed to help keep the vehicle up to date with simplified vehicle maintenance and advanced remote diagnostic tools, connected services include:
  • Remote Software Updates can be sent to a vehicle over-the-air (OTA). Owners will receive a notification when new vehicle software is available
  • Vehicle Health Reports are sent via email each month and are also available to view directly from the smartphone app
  • Vehicle Info is available in the vehicle brand mobile app to provide up-to-date monitoring of key vehicle systems, including fuel level, tire pressure and more. It is also easy to schedule a service appointment directly from the mobile app if needed 
  • Vehicle Health Alerts provide email or text notifications if a vehicle detects a problem under the hood
With the trial of the Assistance Package, owners experience connected convenience and enhanced productivity – both inside the vehicle and through the vehicle brand mobile app with the following services:
  • Remote Operations and Vehicle Status enables an owner to start and stop the engine, lock and unlock the doors, even sound the horn and flash the lights to help locate the vehicle, all from the vehicle brand app. On select vehicles, access to the climate controls, engine status and the open/closed status of the doors is also available
  • Vehicle Finder will help locate a parked vehicle in a crowded lot or on a busy city street
  • Skills for Alexa enable owners to connect to their vehicle from virtually anywhere by asking Alexa to start or stop the engine, check the fuel level, tire pressure and more from any Alexa-enabled device
  • Drive Alerts, available on the vehicle brand app, let owners set boundary limits, pinpoint the vehicle’s location and help to promote safer driving habits by monitoring vehicle speed
  • EV/PHEV Smartphone Control enables owners to schedule a charge directly from the vehicle brand smartphone app
  • Smartwatch Extension for Vehicle Brand Mobile App provides several connected services on a compatible smartwatch when paired to the mobile app on a smartphone
Properly equipped vehicles also receive a trial of the Navigation Package. Owners can drive with confidence knowing advanced connectivity is there to guide the vehicle, using the most efficient route, to its destination. Connected services include:
  • OTA Map Updates: Maps receive automatic updates based on the places traveled most, ensuring the latest roads and points of interest are always available
  • Dynamic Range Mapping: Provides a visual display of distance traveled based on the available fuel level or battery charge. The graphic representation of current vehicle range is displayed on the Uconnect 5 touchscreen. Vehicle range is calculated based on fuel level, current fuel economy/drive mode and terrain
  • Real-Time Traffic & Travel Services: Provides updates on slow-downs, travel times and even suggests routes that direct around road closures and other traffic events automatically
    • Fuel Finder: Identifies fuel and charging stations with brands and constantly updated prices
    • Parking Finder: Makes finding parking easy by identifying parking areas and the number of available spaces and pricing (where available)
    • Speed Camera Alerts: Speed and Red-Light Camera Alerts inform drivers of speed-recording device locations to help remain within local speed limits
    • Live Weather: Track incoming weather and the five-day forecast to plan around rain, sleet, high winds and snow
  • Charge Station Locator: Built-in navigation provides a search function and displays available charging stations right on the touchscreen. See details like station type, compatibility and estimated charge-to-full time
  • Send & Go: Search for a destination from the brand vehicle app on a smartphone and send it to the navigation system ahead of time
  • Last Mile Navigation: provides walking directions from a parking spot to a final destination. Getting directions back to the vehicle is possible by synchronizing to a compatible smartphone or smartwatch
The available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot includes a three-month/3GB trial that can be used to evaluate Alexa Built-In (hotspot required) or connect up to eight devices, from up to 50 feet away.

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