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Alfa Romeo Introduces New Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary Models

  • Alfa Romeo celebrates 100 years of the iconic Quadrifoglio by introducing the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary models
  • Limited edition with only 100 exclusive units per model, globally
  • Exclusive content for the Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary includes:
    • New commemorative badges designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo
    • Gold brake calipers
    • Carbon-fiber grille and mirror caps
    • Gold interior stitching, carbon-fiber accents and celebratory badges embellish a sporty interior
  • On April 15, 1923, the legendary Quadrifoglio made its debut on Ugo Sivocci’s “Corsa” version of the RL, which won the XIV edition of the Targa Florio
Auburn Hills, Mich. April 13, 2023 - Alfa Romeo announced today the introduction of the new Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary models, celebrating 100 years passed since the indelible symbol of Alfa Romeo, the Quadrifoglio, made its racing debut.
Limited to just 100 units each globally for the Giulia and Stelvio (200 total), the anniversary models are the result of 100 years of technical excellence, on and off the racetrack. The limited-edition models include celebratory badges, unique design features and exclusive gold finishes to mark the 100th anniversary.
Exclusive content
Burnished 5-hole 19-inch sports alloy wheels for the Giulia, 21-inch for the Stelvio, house exclusive gold brake calipers. The same hue distinguishes the emblem celebrating 100 years of the Quadrifoglio, positioned on the mudguard of both cars. A carbon-fiber grille and mirror caps start a theme that continues through the interior with an innovative 3D finish in real carbon fiber that covers the instrument panel, central tunnel and door panels. A combination of black leather and Alcantara is enhanced by exclusive gold stitching on the dashboard and an embroidered “100” next to the new gold Quadrifoglio logo. The steering wheel is upholstered in leather and Alcantara with black stitching and carbon-fiber inserts.
Ordering for the 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary models will open in spring 2023 with availability in the third quarter.
The origins of a legend
A symbol of Italian noble sportiness, the legendary Quadrifoglio has always been synonymous with the brand’s highest-performing creations. This not only holds true for its racing models, but for its most powerful and exclusive road vehicles as well. Reinterpreted for modern day, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo has projected the historical Quadrifoglio logo into the brand’s future while preserving its solidity and elegance.
The Quadrifoglio has been part of Alfa Romeo’s racing and industrial history since the very beginning. It began in 1923 with one of the oldest automobile races in the world, the Targa Florio, the prestigious event that at the beginning of the 20th century transformed Sicily once a year into a famous European “salon.” Intense and incredibly challenging, the race was one of the most important milestones of its time for drivers and could thrust car models and brands into the market. Ugo Sivocci, an accomplished driver in his time, brought home the win with luck on his side, which would make the choice of the Quadrifoglio (a four-leaf clover) more meaningful. With this victory, Alfa Romeo was catapulted onto the Mount Olympus of car manufacturers, inexorably linking the symbol of the Quadrifoglio to the brand’s legendary vehicles and setting the stage for an extensive series of achievements by unforgettable drivers. From the first Grand Prix championship in 1925, and moving on to the Mille Miglia, the Targa Florio and 24-hour Le Mans, the brand dominated the international racing scene. However, the lucky symbol soon began to stand out on exclusive road vehicles as well. The glazed Quadrifoglio badge would make its first appearance on a road vehicle with the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and launch a tradition that continues today. These are the brand’s most powerful versions and are designed for car enthusiasts who have a passion for driving.
Alfa Romeo
Born in 1910 in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo has designed and crafted some of the most stylish and sporty cars in automotive history. That tradition lives on today as Alfa Romeo continues to take a unique and innovative approach to automobiles. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio sets a benchmark in performance, style and technology in an SUV. The award-winning Alfa Romeo Giulia delivers race-inspired performance, advanced technologies and an exhilarating driving experience to the premium midsize sedan segment. In early 2023, Alfa Romeo will offer its first compact SUV with the all-new Tonale. The globally available Tonale is part of a radical evolution taking place at Alfa Romeo, which looks ahead to a new era of electrification and connectivity. Alfa Romeo is part of the portfolio of brands offered by leading global automaker and mobility provider Stellantis. For more information regarding Stellantis (NYSE: STLA), please visit

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