Antonio Filosa

Jeep® Brand Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Filosa was appointed chief executive officer (CEO) of the Jeep® brand in November 2023, and has been a member of the Stellantis Top Executive Team since January 2021.

Prior to this role, he served as the chief operating officer (COO) for South America.

Under his leadership, the Jeep brand was the foremost SUV brand in South America, establishing Brazil as the largest volume market outside of the United States for the brand. As a director of purchasing in Latin America, Filosa was deeply involved in the planning and development of the supplier park structure to launch the Stellantis Automotive Pole in Pernambuco, where the company manufactures three Jeep models for the region.

Prior to that, Filosa was the head of FCA operations in Argentina between 2016 and 2018. He served as COO for FCA’s Latin America region and was a member of the FCA Group Executive Council from March 2018.

A native of Naples, Italy, he began his professional journey with the Fiat Group in 1999, accumulating extensive global expertise in manufacturing, becoming the plant manager of the Betim facility in Brazil, and in procurement, commercial activities, and comprehensive business management and strategy.

Filosa holds a master's degree in engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

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