Kokomo Transmission Plant

2401 South Reed Road, Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Floor Space: 3.1 million square feet 

Acreage: 110 acre site with casting plant

Products: Machining of engine block castings and transmission components (aluminum and steel); transmission assembly for the following:
  • 850RE: Jeep® Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango and Ram 1500
  • 850RE GEN2: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator
  • Machined components for the nine-speed transmission
  • Machined component for SIEVT transmission
Employment: 2,067 (1,815 hourly; 252 salaried)

Union Local: UAW Local 685 and 1302

Plant History: Transmission plant completed and production began in 1956.

In 2010, the company made three investment announcements:
  • May - $43 million to adapt the plant for production of the World Engine and improve processes for the 62TE transmission program
  • June - $300 million for production of a new, highly fuel-efficient eight-speed automatic transmission
  • December - $85 million for a variety of powertrain improvements
In February 2013, the company announced a total investment of $212 million at the Kokomo Transmission (KTP), Kokomo Casting and Indiana Transmission plants for additional tooling and equipment to produce the eight- and nine-speed transmissions, which added up to 400 new jobs. Production of the eight-speed transmission began in September 2012. An additional $266 million investment was announced in December 2014 to increase capacity of the fuel-efficient TorqueFlite eight-speed transmission. On Aug. 2, 2017, KTP produced the 2 millionth eight-speed transmission.

Production of the 42RLE ended in early 2012. On Oct. 9, 2020, the plant built its last 41TE four-speed transmission, assembling more than 17 million over 32 years.

Since 1974, KTP has built more than 67 million transmissions. The 17-million four-speed milestone was achieved over a 25-year period from 1988 to December 2013. The plant began building the six-speed in 2006 and reached the 3 million mark in April 2014.

On Feb. 28, 2023, Stellantis announced that it will invest a total of $155 million in three Kokomo, Indiana, plants to produce new electric drive modules (EDM) that will help power future electric vehicles assembled in North America and to support the goal of 50% battery-electric sales in the U.S. by 2030. The EDM gearbox cover will be machined at the Kokomo Transmission Plant. Production is expected to start in the third quarter of 2024, following retooling.

On Tuesday, August 8. 2023, Kokomo Transmission Plant (KTP) built its six-millionth 8-speed transmission. 

(Updated: June 2024)

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