Kokomo Engine Plant

3360 North U.S. Highway 931, Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Floor Space: 600,000 square feet

Acreage: 61 acres

Product: 2.0-liter GMET4 (Global Medium Engine I4 Turbo)

Employment: 1,310 (1,191 hourly, 119 salaried)

Union Local: UAW Local 685 and 1302

Plant History: FCA announced on March 5, 2020, that it would invest $400 million to repurpose the former Indiana Transmission Plant II (ITPII), which had been idled since the fall of 2019, to build the GMET4 engine – the Company’s 2.0-liter Global Medium Engine inline four-cylinder turbo that is currently offered on the Jeep® Wrangler, Jeep Compass and Jeep Grand Cherokee. With this investment, 1,000 Indiana jobs will be retained with nearly 200 new jobs added to support production.

Construction of the former ITPII began in 2002 and production launched in November 2003. The plant built its last five-speed transmission in August 2018 and continued to build components for the eight-speed transmission until the fall of 2019.

(Updated: Jan. 2024)

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Contact Information

Ann Marie Fortunate
Cell: (313) 401-4906
Frank Matyok
Office: (248) 934-5909
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