Press Kit: 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Launch

2002 Dodge Ram - Dodge Truck Timeline

There is little doubt that the Dodge Truck brand represented one of the biggest success stories in the auto industry over the past decade. When the all-new Ram was introduced for the 1994 model year, Dodge was a bit player in the truck market. Nine years, and countless product and model introductions later, Dodge Trucks are synonymous with bold styling, performance and capability. For 2002, Dodge begins a new generation of Ram trucks that are bigger, more powerful, more capable and, yes, even bolder.

• After 22 years, Dodge discontinues selling its "d-truck" model of the Dodge Ram. Sales for the year approach 70,000 and share of the full-size pickup segment is under seven percent.

• Dodge truck sales for 1993 model year: 568,412

• Dodge introduces all-new 1994 Dodge Ram, the first all-new design in 22 years. Big and bold, the new Ram takes the truck world by storm, selling over 200,000 units in its first year. It earns North American Truck of The Year honors.

• Club Cab version is introduced for the 1995 model year. Sales for the year pass 250,000 and market share shoots to 15 percent.

• All-new version of Dakota compact pickup is introduced. Already the biggest, most powerful and most capable compact pickup, Dakota's Ram-based design makes it the segment's boldest, as well.

• Dodge Truck sales for 1997 model year: 847,172

• The industry's first extended cab pickup with rear access doors – the Ram Quad Cab™ - is introduced. The Quad Cab extends Ram's image as the segment leader in customer convenience and storage capability. Quad Cab quickly becomes the most popular Ram model and leads to a record sales year for Ram, with 394,958 units sold.

• The compact segment's first real performance truck is introduced – the Dakota R/T. With its 250-horsepower Magnum engine, throaty exhaust and unique sport suspension, Dakota stakes its leadership claim to yet another part of the compact segment.

• Durango is introduced, making it Dodge's first sport-utility vehicle since the Ramcharger. Durango's "smart" mix of full-size SUV capability and compact size and maneuverability creates an instant success and leads to record year for Dodge truck sales.

• All-new Dakota Quad Cab is introduced. With four full size doors and the capability and capacity to rival some competitive full-size pickups, Dakota sales reach record levels of 172,789 units for the year.

• Dodge Truck sales for 2000 model year: 1,122,907

• The all-new Ram pickup is introduced. Since it's predecessor's introduction in 1994, Dodge Ram has gone from a small player in the full-size market to one of its leaders. Like the previous model, the 2002 Ram combines a unique package of styling, capability, performance and customer convenience to claim its place as a leader of the full-size pickup segment.