Dundee Engine Plant

5800 North Ann Arbor Road, Dundee, Michigan, United States

Floor Space: 1.3 million square feet

Acreage: 275 acres (100 acres landscaped as authentic Michigan prairie)

  • 1.6-liter, I-4 turbocharged engine (plant is currently being retooled; production to begin in 2024)
Employment: 862 (748 hourly; 114 salaried)

Union Local: UAW Local 723, Monroe, Michigan; Region 1A

Plant History: With an investment of $803 million, the groundbreaking for the new plant — a joint venture between Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler Corporation called the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) — took place in April 2003; construction was completed in 2004. The North Plant launched in October 2005, followed by the South Plant in November 2006.

In December 2009, the company announced a $179 million investment to launch production of an advanced technology, fuel-efficient 1.4-liter engine for the North America market, a collaboration between the Chrysler Group and Fiat powertrain groups. In October 2010, the company announced an additional $150 million investment to expand capacity and prepare the plant for production of future engines. Production of the 1.4-liter engine began in November 2010. 

GEMA became the Dundee Engine Plant in January 2012. A second shift of production for the FIRE engine was added on Aug. 6, 2012. Production of the 2.4-liter Tigershark DOHC began in May 2013.

The company announced on Aug. 7, 2013, that it would invest $52 million in its engine plants in Trenton and Dundee, Michigan, to increase capacity of the Tigershark engine. Of the $52 million, Dundee would receive $40.5 million to convert a line to machine cranks, heads and blocks to support Tigershark production at Trenton. 

On Feb. 26, 2019, the former company, FCA, announced that it would invest $119 million in the facility to retool it for production of the Pentastar engine family. Engine production is moving from the Mack Avenue Engine Complex as part of a $4.5 billion investment that will impact five existing Michigan facilities and convert Mack into a new assembly plant within the city of Detroit. In total, the proposed projects will create nearly 6,500 new jobs. The plant began building Pentastar engines in November 2019.

On Aug. 1, 2022, Stellantis announced a $99 million total investment for three North America plants for production of a new 1.6-liter, I-4 turbocharged engine that has both direct fuel injection and flexibility for hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) applications. Nearly $83 million will be invested into the Dundee Engine Complex to retool and become the final assembly location. Based on a current Stellantis production engine in Europe, this next-generation engine will power two future North America HEV models. This will be the first HEV engine for the company in the region. Production is expected to begin in early 2025.

The last Tigershark 2.4-liter I-4 engine was built on March 16, 2023 and the last 3.6-liter Pentastar Upgrade was built on August 18, 2023. 

(Updated June 2024)

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