Mt. Elliott Tool & Die

3675 East Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Floor Space: 725,000 square feet

Acreage: 30.29 acres

Products: Stamping Dies, Checking Fixtures, Stamping Fixtures

Employment: 8 (7 hourly; 1 salaried)

Union Local: UAW Local 212

Plant History: Plant was built in 1938. It was purchased from Briggs Manufacturing Company in 1956 and became Outer Drive Stamping. Vernor Tool & Die closed and moved in 1983, and was called Outer Drive Manufacturing Technology Center. Pilot Operations and Advanced Stamping Manufacturing Engineering moved to the Chrysler Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Mich., in the 1980s and the facility was re-named Mt. Elliott Tool & Die.

(Updated: August 2021)

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