Chrysler Group Celebrates 20 Years of Modern Concept Vehicles

  • Chrysler Group’s design tradition has become a key strength of the company
  • More than 100 concept vehicles have been developed since 1988
  • Chrysler Nassau, Jeep® Trailhawk and Dodge Demon are the most recent concepts
May 24, 2007 , Auburn Hills, Mich. -  “Concept to reality” has become a term that epitomizes the Chrysler Group design philosophy, and many observers are hoping that it will apply to the company’s concept vehicles for 2007.

Chrysler Group’s latest concept vehicles clearly demonstrate a design tradition that has become a key strength of the company: an ability to design the coolest-of-cool concepts, which are as relevant as they are innovative.

This approach started with the Frankfurt Motor Show reveal of the Lamborghini-engined, cab forward-styled, four-door Chrysler Portofino concept sedan in 1987. Almost 20 years and more than 100 concepts later, this continuous development has helped Chrysler Group reinvent and maintain its reputation as a car company driven by design and engineering.

Concept vehicles have two major roles for the Chrysler Group: they showcase to management, the media and the public the potential future design direction for Chrysler Group cars and trucks, and they help to attract the best young designers in the world into its design studios.

Chrysler Group’s concept vehicle program allows designers to test new colors, features, vehicle size and segments. Concepts can also be showcases for new design cues, which often find their way into production on future vehicles – even if the entire concept vehicle does not.

Importantly, the designs that are revealed to acclaim and accolade at auto shows around the world each year are not just built to look good. That is where the company’s design-to-reality tradition really kicks in.

Not only does Chrysler Group produce concept vehicles that can actually be driven – especially by journalists for feedback and publicity purposes – but many ultimately become production vehicles within a few years of their first reveal. The latest example is the Dodge Challenger. First revealed as a concept at the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, it was announced that the Challenger will go into production in 2008.

According to Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President – Product Design Office, Chrysler Group, “We’ve always said at Chrysler that we don’t just produce concepts for fun. We have proved year after year that our concepts are innovative and relevant.

“Our track record shows that many Chrysler Group concepts, and several of the design features showcased on our concept vehicles, have gone into production,” he added. “While we can’t say yet if any of our 2007 concepts will eventually be seen in our showrooms, they clearly hint at exciting and innovative future design directions that could find their way into our company’s products.”

2007 Concept Vehicles
This year’s group of concept vehicles includes one for each of the Chrysler Group’s brands. Combining refinement, function and style, the Chrysler Nassau concept explores a new expression of the Chrysler brand. First shown at the 2007 NAIAS, the four-door, four-passenger Nassau luxury coupe is a more emotional and artistic articulation of what it means to be a Chrysler.

The Jeep® Trailhawk, which also had its premiere at the 2007 NAIAS, merges the spectrum of the Jeep brand by combining the core off-road features of the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the refined sophistication of an all-new on-road, open-air concept vehicle, providing a unique and fresh expression for Jeep.

The Dodge Demon is a compact, nimble “roadster with an attitude” – a perfect balance of classic sports car proportion and simplicity blended with modern design and performance. The vehicle is designed to be an affordable Dodge sports car that merges brand cues of bold design and powerful performance with an open-air “fun-to-drive” attitude. This concept had its debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.

Twenty Years of Modern Concept Vehicles
The Chrysler Group has a long history of innovation in design and engineering, going back even as far as the first 1924 Chrysler sedan. In the modern era, since 1988, the company has created more than 100 concept vehicles in a variety of shapes, sizes, configurations and materials.

Chrysler Portofino
Plymouth Slingshot

Chrysler Millennium
Dodge Dakota Sport V-8
Dodge Intrepid
Dodge Viper RT/10
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Jeep Z5 Concept 1
Plymouth Speedster
Plymouth Voyager III

Dodge Daytona RT
Dodge LRT
Eagle Optima
Jeep Freedom

Chrysler 300M
Dodge Neon
Jeep Wagoneer 2000

Chrysler Cirrus
Dodge Epic

Chrysler Patriot
Chrysler Thunderbolt
Jeep Ecco
Plymouth Prowler

Chrysler Pacifica
Dodge Aviat
Dodge Ram VTS
Dodge Venom
Dodge Viper GTS Coupe
Eagle Vision Aerie
Plymouth Expresso

Chrysler Atlantic
Eagle Jazz
Plymouth Back Pack

Chrysler Composite Concept Vehicle
Chrysler LHX
Dodge Intrepid ESX

Chrysler Phaeton
Dodge Concept
Dodge Sidewinder
Dodge T-Rex
Jeep Cherokee Casablanca
Jeep Dakar
Jeep Icon
Jeep Wrangler Tabasco
Jeep Wrangler Ultimate Rescue
Plymouth Pronto

Chrysler Chronos
Dodge Big Red Truck
Dodge Intrepid ESX2
Jeep Jeepster
Plymouth Pronto Cruiser
Plymouth Pronto Spyder

Chrysler Citadel
Dodge Charger R/T
Dodge Power Wagon
Jeep Commander
Jeep Journey

Chrysler 300 Hemi® C
Chrysler GT Cruiser
Chrysler Java
Chrysler Panel Cruiser
Dodge ESX3
Dodge MAXX cab
Dodge Neon SRT
Dodge Viper GTS/R
Jeep Varsity
Plymouth Howler

Chrysler Crossfire
Dodge Powerbox
Dodge Super8 Hemi
Jeep Willys

Chrysler California Cruiser
Chrysler Pacifica
Dodge M80
Dodge Razor
Jeep Compass
Jeep Willys

Chrysler Airflite
Chrysler 300C
Dodge Avenger
Dodge Durango
Dodge Kahuna
Dodge Magnum
Dodge Tomahawk
Jeep Treo

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve
Dodge Sling Shot
Jeep Rescue

Chrysler Akino
Chrysler Firepower
Dodge Caliber
Dodge Nitro
Jeep Compass
Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Hurricane
Jeep Patriot

Chrysler Imperial
Dodge Avenger
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Hornet

Chrysler Nassau
Dodge Demon
Jeep Trailhawk

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