Press Kit: Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC)

University of Windsor/ FCA Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre

Corrosion Teardown Laboratory

  • The 205-square-metre Corrosion Teardown Laboratory dismantles vehicles to their basic components for evaluation of corrosion properties. Vehicles go through an extensively accelerated corrosion test at the Stellantis Michigan proving grounds before arriving at the Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC) in Windsor. Analysis is made for each component, which are catalogued through photos and documentation. This information is then utilized for both current and future vehicle development. 
  • In addition, this laboratory performs full dissections of Electrocoat validation vehicles to study coatings coverage in intricate cavities. This activity highlights any areas of interest in corrosion protection and is utilized to make improvements in manufacturing and processing of vehicle models. 
  • The laboratory is equipped with vehicle fluid removal equipment, glass abrasive blasting equipment and unique vehicle dismantling equipment. 

Contact Information

LouAnn Gosselin
Office: (519) 973-2253
Cell: (519) 984-2600
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