Press Kit: Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC)

University of Windsor/ FCA Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre

Vehicle Recycling Laboratory

  • FCA Canada’s approach to environmentally acceptable products requires careful consideration of the entire product life-cycle from development, concept and use, through to end-of-life disposal and recycling. 
  • The 140-square-metre Vehicle Recycling Laboratory was established at the Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC) in 1999. 
  • This laboratory supports vehicle end-of-life research and development. Research by ARDC engineers and students improves the understanding of the recyclability of products. This information is used as a strategy for new research and product development innovations in the future. 
  • The laboratory is equipped with material identification equipment, vehicle fluid removal equipment, unique vehicle dismantling equipment, and advanced data analysis equipment. 

Contact Information

LouAnn Gosselin
Office: (519) 973-2253
Cell: (519) 984-2600
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