Indiana Transmission Plant

3660 North U.S. Highway 931, Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Floor Space: 1.2 million square feet

Acreage: 233 acres

  • 65/66/68 RFE RWD transmissions for Ram Trucks, Cummins Diesel and Heavy Duty
  • 948TE transmissions in all-wheel, four-wheel and two-wheel drive configurations for the Jeep® Cherokee, Jeep Renegade (produced at the Melfi Assembly Plant in Italy), Chrysler Pacifica and Ram ProMaster City (produced at the TOFAS plant in Bursa, Turkey)
Employment: 1,213 (1,071 hourly, 142 salaried)

Union Local: UAW Local 685

Plant History: Plant completed and began production of transmissions in 1998. FCA announced in November 2010 that it would invest $843 million for production of a future generation front-wheel-drive automatic transmission for use in future vehicles. In February 2013, the Company announced an investment of $212 million at Kokomo Transmission, Kokomo Casting and Indiana Transmission plants for additional tooling and equipment to produce the eight- and nine-speed transmissions, which added up to 400 new jobs. Production of the nine-speed transmission began in May 2013.

(Updated: June 2022)

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