Special Report: 2008 Chrysler LLC Outside North America Sales Archive

Chrysler Announces February International Sales

  • Year-to-date sales grew 10 percent over same period in 2007
  • February sales outside North America increased nine percent over the same month last year  -- 33 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth
  • International growth driven by Italy, Russia and China
  • Chrysler confirmed it will expand its European operations
Auburn Hills, Mich. March 9, 2008 - During the first two months of the year, vehicle sales increased 10 percent (33,314 units) compared to the same time period in 2007. In February, Chrysler’s International sales grew nine percent (16,530 units) over February 2007, marking the 33rd consecutive month the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® lineup’s sales grew outside of North America.

"The Company's sales growth demonstrates that our investments in Europe, Asia and Latin America are paying consistent dividends. These positive results reinforce that with the right products and an expanding dealer network, we are on target to achieve our goal of 400,000 sales a year outside our traditional markets," Jim Press, Vice Chairman and President of Chrysler LLC said. "To help do this, we will continue our commitment of meeting customers' current and future needs on a worldwide basis like we did at  the Geneva Motor Show, where we showcased the highly fuel-efficient production and concept vehicles Dodge Journey; Jeep Compass and Patriot; Chrysler ecoVoyager, Jeep Renegade and Dodge ZEO."

At the heart of Chrysler’s international growth in 2008 were several markets that made significant leaps in sales volume. Russia more than doubled last February’s sales, with an increase of 110 percent, and year-to-date sales were up 81 percent. In Italy, the Company’s highest volume International market, sales increased 12 percent during the first two months of the year, and the growth in China reached almost 30 percent.

On a regional basis, year-to-date sales for all of the major regions increased compared to the same period last year. Asia Pacific sales grew almost 20 percent, while those in Latin American markets increased 24 percent. In Western/Central Europe, sales were up one percent, despite the overall market being down.

International market-oriented product packages, such as the all-new Jeep Cherokee Luxury Leather and Grand Cherokee S Limited package, are greatly contributing to Chrysler’s growing international sales. Another growth initiative, which will help Chrysler to get closer to international customers, will be Chrysler’s expanding operations in Europe, announced at the Geneva Motor Show last week. The expanded office in Europe will be similar to regional business operations recently put in place in Latin America and Asia, and will allow the Company to have a headquarter presence closer to customers throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Chrysler LLC sells and services vehicles in more than 125 countries around the world. Sales outside North America currently account for more than nine percent of the Company’s total global sales, up from six percent in the year 2000. Vehicles available range across all three Chrysler brands, with limited availability on some trucks and SUV models. The Company’s operations outside North America have been experiencing year-over-year sales increases since 2004, with a record number of vehicles sold in 2007. In 2008, Chrysler LLC will launch three all-new volume vehicles outside North America, one for each one of its brands, and will remain focused on strategic, profitable growth in markets around the world.