Special Report: 2008 Chrysler LLC Outside North America Sales Archive

Chrysler International Achieves Three Straight Years of Monthly Sales Growth

  • May marked 36 consecutive months of year-over-year sales increases outside North America
  • Record May sales were highest in Chrysler International’s history – up 5 percent over May 2007
  • Year-to-date sales increased 7 percent vs. same period last year
  • Jeep® brand vehicles and new D-segment sedans stimulate growth
  • European sales growth was fueled by strong performance in Russia and the U.K.
Auburn Hills, Mich. June 4, 2008 -

Chrysler reached an unprecedented sales milestone in May by achieving 36 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth in markets outside North America. Chrysler International sales for the month grew by 5 percent (21,505 units) compared to May 2007, establishing a new record for the best May sales in the Company’s history. Year-to-date sales were up 7 percent (98,188 units) versus the same time period last year, driven by a vehicle lineup that offers customers fuel-efficient and versatile options.

“Chrysler’s success outside North America demonstrates that our newest products are meeting the needs of global consumers and attracting new buyers to our brands,” said Jim Press, Vice Chairman and President. “This is especially important as our core North American market shifts towards a more global customer outlook with a preference for fuel efficiency. We will work to continue to expand our International business by listening to customers in all markets, expanding our dealer network and offering vehicles that are suited to meet their diverse needs.”

Chrysler sales in Europe were up 4 percent year-to-date (54,659 units), as May sales increased 8 percent (11,972 units).

  • Chrysler sales in Russia more than doubled (up 107 percent) to reach 971 units in May. Year-to-date sales for the market grew 82 percent (3,854 units), led by Dodge Caliber, the Company’s highest-volume vehicle outside North America.
  • In the U.K., one of the highest-volume markets for Chrysler, sales grew 20 percent in May (1,572 units) and were up 11 percent (8,320 units) January through May.

Sales in the Asia Pacific region grew by 39 percent in May (3,807 units), and 52 percent year-to-date (17,860 units). Much of this growth has been generated by increases in the region’s highest-volume markets, China and Australia.

  • Sales in China were up 134 percent (8,604 units) year-to-date, and 91 percent (1,869 units) in May, making it the highest-volume market for the month. High demand for locally produced vehicles and the introduction of imported, fuel-efficient models like the Jeep®Compass were key factors in the tremendous growth.
  • Australian sales of Chrysler vehicles grew 34 percent in May (1,065 units), and increased 25 percent so far in 2008 (4,672 units). Jeep Wrangler sales in the market achieved their second-best month ever (251 units), and the vehicle has outsold all other Chrysler vehicles in the market.

Dodge brand sales achieved a 40 percent growth in sales so far in 2008 (28,354 units). Jeep sales grew 6 percent (38,250 units) during the same time period, while Chrysler brand sales declined 10 percent (31,584 units).

Jeep brand vehicles achieved solid sales growth so far in 2008, as year-to-date sales for the capable Jeep Wrangler (7,889 units) and the highly fuel-efficient Compass (7,238 units) grew 95 percent and 14 percent respectively. Sales of the Chrysler Sebring have positioned the vehicle among the top-three-selling vehicles in May (2,038 units) as sales grew 266 percent the same month last year.

Chrysler LLC sells and services vehicles in more than 125 countries around the world. Sales outside North America currently account for approximately 10 percent of the Company’s total global sales, up from 6 percent in the year 2000. Vehicles available range across all three Chrysler brands, with limited availability on some trucks and SUV models. The Company’s operations outside North America have been experiencing year-over-year sales increases since 2004, with a record number of vehicles sold in 2007. In 2008, Chrysler LLC will launch three all-new volume vehicles outside North America, one for each one of its brands, and will remain focused on strategic, profitable growth in markets around the world.