Special Report: 2008 Chrysler LLC Outside North America Sales Archive

Chrysler International Established Record as Sales Increased Four Percent in First Half of 2008

Auburn Hills, Mich. July 2, 2008 -
  • Chrysler established a record for the best mid-year sales ever outside North America as sales increased four percent (118,386 units) compared to the same period in 2007; a result of the increased demand for fuel-efficient models like the Jeep® Compass, Jeep Patriot and Chrysler Sebring
  • June 2008 sales (20,198 units) were 12 percent below those of June 2007, which was a record month for the Company

Regional Sales

 Chrysler sales in Europe decreased one percent year-to-date (64,684 units).

  • Sales in Russia grew by 69 percent to 4,638 units during the first six months of 2008, the most significant growth of any market in the region. The increase was led by Dodge Caliber sales (1,733 units), which were up 82 percent compared to the same time last year

Sales in the Asia Pacific region increased 45 percent by the mid-year point, with 21,923 units sold.

  • China led all markets in growth for the first half of the year, as sales climbed 113 percent to reach 10,517 units. The significant sales increase positioned China as Chrysler’s number-two-volume market outside North America behind Italy
  • Australia and Japan, two key markets in the region, have also achieved noteworthy growth so far in 2008. In Australia, sales increased 21 percent year-to-date (5,638 units) and Japan sales have grown 14 percent (2,840 units)

Significant growth was achieved by several Latin American markets year-to-date.

  • The greatest increase for Chrysler’s Latin American sales was in Argentina, where sales grew 88 percent to 2,245 units
  • Brazilian sales increased 33 percent (3,096 units), fueled by demand for the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Dodge Ram Pickup

Brand Sales

  • The Dodge brand achieved the highest growth outside North America, with an increase of 36 percent year-to-date (33,942 units)
  • Jeep sales grew two percent (46,541 units) during the same time period, while Chrysler brand sales declined 13 percent (37,903 units)
  • Sales of fuel-efficient models continued to gain momentum. Chrysler Sebring sales more than tripled (up 229 percent) so far this year to 7,602 units; and the Jeep brand vehicles in the small SUV segment, Jeep Compass and Patriot, have achieved combined sales of 16,365 units, an increase of 86 percent for sales in this growing segment
  • Chrysler offers access to its vehicles to more customers now that there are a greater number of right-hand-drive and diesel offerings. In 2008, Chrysler will offer a total of 18 vehicles in major markets outside North America, 17 of those vehicles will be available in right-hand-drive and with a diesel powertrain option

Chrysler LLC sells and services vehicles in roughly 120 countries around the world. Sales outside North America currently account for approximately 10 percent of the Company’s total global sales, up from six percent in the year 2000. Vehicles available range across all three Chrysler brands, with limited availability on some trucks and SUV models. The Company’s operations outside North America have been experiencing year-over-year sales increases since 2004, with a record number of vehicles sold in 2007. In 2008, Chrysler LLC will launch three all-new volume vehicles outside North America, one for each one of its brands, and will remain focused on strategic, profitable growth in markets around the world.