Special Report: 2008 Chrysler LLC Outside North America Sales Archive

Chrysler LLC International Sales – December 2008

Auburn Hills, Mich. January 8, 2009 -

In 2008, Chrysler LLC sold 214,826 units outside North America, marking the second-highest sales year in a decade and the third-highest annual sales volume in Chrysler International’s history. In the first half of 2008, Chrysler sales outside North America were on track for consistent growth. In June 2008, Chrysler established a record for the best mid-year sales ever outside North America, as sales increased 4 percent (118,386 units) compared to the same period in 2007.

As effects of the credit crisis were felt across the globe, Chrysler sales outside North America declined and closed the year 10 percent below 2007. December 2008 sales totaled 15,322 units, a decrease of 30 percent compared to December 2007.

Regional Sales
Sales in the Asia Pacific region increased 15 percent in 2008 (38,680 units sold). China, Chrysler’s largest volume market outside North America, grew sales by 65 percent for the calendar year (18,819 units), and 18 percent for the month of December (1,423 units).

  • The locally built Chrysler Sebring, which was introduced in China in 2008, was the Company’s top-selling vehicle in the Asia Pacific region (6,316 units).
  • The Asia Pacific region’s sales were down 21 percent for the month of December (2,680 units).

In Latin America, Chrysler’s sales in 2008 remained stable (45,202 units) compared to 2007.

  • Argentina achieved a 77 percent sales increase during 2008 (4,675 units), while sales in Brazil grew 30 percent (6,302 units) and sales in Chile increased 8 percent (5,658 units).
  • Sales of the Jeep® Cherokee, Chrysler’s number-two volume vehicle in Latin America, grew 94 percent in December (740 units) and 25 percent for the year (6,614 units).
  • During the month of December, Chrysler sales in Latin America were down 13 percent (4,452 units) compared to the same month last year.

Chrysler sales in Europe decreased 20 percent during calendar year 2008 (104,078 units), while December sales decreased 52 percent (5,350 units).

  • Russia / CIS achieved significant sales gains in 2008 – up 49 percent (8,791 units) compared to 2007.
  • European sales of the Jeep Patriot remained strong throughout the year, marking growth of 124 percent (8,678 units) compared to 2007, while Chrysler Sebring sales increased 19 percent (4,338 units) for the year.

Brand Sales

  • Dodge brand sales increased 9 percent year-to-date (65,384 units), and Dodge Caliber remained Chrysler LLC's top-selling vehicle outside North America in 2008 (24,155 units).
  • Jeep sales decreased 8 percent (88,826 units) during the same time period, while Chrysler brand sales declined 25 percent (60,616 units).

Chrysler LLC sells and services vehicles in roughly 120 countries around the world. Sales outside North America currently account for approximately 11 percent of the Company’s total global sales. Vehicles available range across all three Chrysler brands, with limited availability on some trucks and SUV models.